Royal Family Resources Limited focuses on Export, Import, and Warehousing. The value and Vision of what we represent is unmistaken Dedication, Transparency, Commitment, Loyalty and Trust.
With firsthand experience in the export and logistics fields, we pride ourselves in innovations to best suit the unique solution to all aspects of Exporting Project Management starting from setup to sales (both local and foreign). No matter the requirements, we tailor Logistics solutions for every mode of transport; a road, air, sea, and rail. Whether project, procurement or distribution logistics, we make logistics solutions work for the export sector.

Our export process involves:

  • Local Purchase: This includes the sourcing and purchase of the produce.
  • Transportation: This is conveyance of the goods from the farm gate to our facilities in Lagos, usually in two days.
  • Goods In Transit (GIT) Insurance: This insures the goods against theft, road hazards/accidents from the farm gates to our facilities in Lagos.
  • Warehousing: This is where the finishing (export readiness) is done. This will house the produce/goods and allows preparation for export such as cleaning, sun drying of produce and bagging.
  • Cleaning: All raw nuts carry foreign matter, consisting of sand, stones, dried apple etc.  The presence of foreign matter in the exporting operation can be avoided by cleaning the nuts.  The raw nuts can be sieved by hand using a ¾ inch mesh sieve.
  • Sun Drying: Raw Cashew Nuts are sun dried to reduce the moisture content to at least 6%. This can be achieved by exposing the nuts to a temperature at about 30-33 degrees centigrade for at least 36hrs. High moisture does not give the true value of the nut.
  • Bagging: 80kg net jute bags laminated is the standard bag for raw cashew nuts in shell export. The maximum tare weight allowed per bagging is 1kg.
  • Fumigation: This is done by the federal produce inspection agency. They fumigate the produce against weevils, and other forms of pest. This allows for at least 48hrs before shipment can be made. They issue a certificate of fumigation as per fumigated tonnage to augment quality declaration.
  • Inspection: This is usually carried out by COBALT, BV, ACE or SGS. This is called the Q&Q (Quality and Quantity) test.
  • Loading:  This is done to as per export standard packing. Sealed bags are packed into the container usually in clean, dry 20” container, walled, floored and roofed with synthetic paper and preservatives. Inspection Agency seals the container after loading as it leads for the sea port.
  • Freight: Our sea freight is usually done with Safmarine, CMA CGM Delmas, ZIM.